Get the best results for your business with full IT management.

How do you know if your IT systems are secure, maintained and performing at their optimum level if all you are doing is reactively dealing with problems?

You don’t!

If you find you’re seeing more of your IT support person than you see your clients then you have an IT problem that needs changing.

We’re often amazed at how much IT pain businesses will endure before talking to us.

Here at Insight Integration we choose to take a different approach; one that is holistic, integrated, proactive and tailored to your business.

Sight Manager

Founded on the four cornerstones of good IT Management, Sight Manager provides you with comprehensive care of your network.

  • Proactive Management – Reactively dealing with IT problems as they arise is an ineffective use of your IT Manager’s time and slows down productivity.  Proactive IT management using a combination of regular maintenance, checklists, automation and realtime monitoring of systems and trends anticipates problems before they occur. Doing this regularly and consistantly cuts down the noise of constant IT problems and faults, enabling us to deliver a secure, predictable and repeatable IT environment with fewer problems.
  • Best Practice Administration – Learning from the thousands of problems presented to us over the years, we have improved and enhanced IT processes to develop a Best Practice methodology that we apply to the management of your IT.  With 24/7 monitoring, process automation, checks and reviews we ensure your IT performs at its optimum level. Our clear communication and monthly reporting gives you visability and peace of mind knowing we are taking care of your IT.
  • Advice  – As your outsourced IT department, your business gains all the insight and IT Know how; from CIO level experience to support, all without the staff management issues or headcount concerns of employinh in-house IT staff.
  • Support – When problems do arise, it’s important you get immediate and personal support straight away when you need it. Nobody wants to be on hold for ages or sit by the phone waiting for a call back. Our friendly and talented Sydney based team are always on hand to to support you  – either onsite or remote. Try us out!

Business IT support Sydney

With Sight Manager, our goal is to deliver security, consistency and predictability from your IT.  It may sound dull and boring, but reliable IT will benefit your business through gains in productivity, cost management, and control as well as opportunities to expand and grow. Just think of the possibilities!

“I have worked with Insight Integration across multiple organisations for over 15 years. When starting Freedom Insurance in 2010 we had only 5 staff and rapidly grew to over 250. This growth required a great deal of planning and scalability from an IT perspective.  Insight Integration’s Managed IT Service, “Sight Manager” enabled Freedom Insurance to focus on business growth confident that a reliable, timely, and efficient IT provider would be helping us every step of the way.

I recommend Insight Integration to any business requiring quality IT services”

Harvey Light Head of Operations, Freedom Insurance