Our Story

It all started back in 1999 when Brendan and Todd founded Insight Integration.

Having worked in corporate IT for many years, we saw a growing need to provide businesses with a better solution for cost effective IT backed up with strong customer support.

Why We’re Here:

As business owners ourselves we understand the challenges of running a business, so there needn’t be further pressure added to your daily operations by poorly performing IT.

Our customers mean the world to us and we recognize and appreciate the trust put in us as their Technology Partner. So, we have created processes, invested in world calss monitoring and automation, sought the best in class technology partners, and hired talented staff to deliver a consistent and predictable result from technology.

We are capable, credible, deeply experienced professionals. We’ve gained experience and expertise from many years in the industry, and have an enviable track record of successful outcomes for our clients.

What We Believe:

Team Work: Building a company is a team sport and we cannot succeed without each other. Though we are multiple teams within the company we all work together towards the same goal – delivering consisant and outstanding IT support to our customers.

Customer is King: We are proudly privately owned and customer funded. Therefore we obsess over our customer’s success and will always go the extra mile for them.

Keep It Simple: We work hard to keep everything we do simple for both ourselves and for our customers. We also realize that “simple” is not always synonymous with “easy”.


I am a founding director and owner of Insight Integration. 

In the early days starting out with no staff I literally did it all – sales, marketing, management, accounts, IT support and everything else! Fast forward to today and we now have an awesome team built up over the years. As a result I am much more focused.

Nowdays my responsibility is everything to do with growing and running the business day-to-day.

I strive to provide a dynamic, exciting and rewarding workplace environment for my team and I also have a real passion to help our customers improve their business by providing world class IT advice, direction and of course support.

I’m always looking for ways to improve on everything we do. We have big goals but focusing on the small steps will get us there.

When I’m not working on business stuff I enjoy spending my time with my wife Raelene, son Andrew, daughter Jennifer and labrador Mojo.

What inspires me to do what I do: It’s great to wake up each Monday exited to get back to work with my fellow team mates and clients. This is the environment I strive to create throughout our business and why I love what I do.

My hobby is: Playing guitar. Back in the day I played in various bands around Sydney, but these days I do it just for the pleasure.

My slogan for life: “Never give up” – it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get up that counts!

My favourite sports team:  Parramatta Eels (Rugby League) – Yes, I know they haven’t won a premiership since 1986… there’s always next year.


As a founding Director of Insight Integration I am actively involved in the day to day running of the business.  Typically this involves splitting my time between searching for new business and account management for some of our clients.

What inspired me to do what I do: I have a passion for understanding how things work and originally planned on a career in mechanical engineering.  Along the way I came to realise I could achieve this same goal and build a better mouse trap in the virtual world of IT.  I’m inspired by the philosophy that the simplest solution is usually the best!

My slogan for life: Don’t stress about the things outside my control.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate, chocolate and then more chocolate...otherwise, I’m not always so selfish!

My favourite sports team: Mclaren F1.  Actually, it’s more than just the Formula 1 team.  I admire the Mclaren Technology group who strive for innovation in a variety of field including Automotive, Motorsport, Energy, Electronics and Health.  Not to mention the racing history and list of champions.


Central to our business is our experienced, highly skilled and talented team, dedicated to delivering you a friendly service, helpful advice and ensuring our systems provide your business security, stability and predictability.  Based in our Sydney CBD office we are on hand to solve your IT issues weekdays between 8am – 6pm  and on-call afterhours for unexpected IT emergencies.


I provide all levels of network and systems support across all our clients, as well as project implementation.

What inspired me to do what I do: I always had an interest in computers and technology growing up. In my family I was always the ‘Go to’ guy for any type of issue and loved helping.

My slogan for life:  Remember your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and live for your todays

At the weekend: I love spending time with the family

My favourite sports team: The one and only Chelsea FC


Being in the industry now for 15+ years I have become “Jill of all trades“ support engineer assisting in day to day issues that may occur and assist with new implementations. 

What inspired me to do what I do: I love working through challenges and problems - they keep the mind ticking over and I am always willing to help people where I can.  What better way to combine the two than working at Insight integration!

At the weekend: I would have to say my top three: sitting outside on winters morning reading; heading out to the footy; and nothing but couch time and PlayStation. 

My slogan for life: You only live once - 'No Regrets' - live each day to the fullest. 

My favourite sports team: I am a lover of many different sports but no one comes in between me and my wests tigers, good times and bad 100% I will follow. 


Enthusiastic and passionate about technology and helping clients, I enjoy facing the everyday challenges of the constantly changing IT world.  This motivates me to keep learning and so I can provide the best service to Insight Integration’s clients.

What inspired me to do what I do:  As a gamer I found myself researching a lot about computers and what started as a hobby became a profession, well kind off,  now I get to enjoy my everyday working on my hobby.

My slogan for life: “become like water my friend”.

Random fact about me: I’m a lot more cheerful than what I look like. Try me…

My hobbies:  I like to play video games and travel, but sometimes it is hard doing both.


Resourceful problem solver who enjoys making energetic contributions to the team and company objectives.

I provide high quality operational IT support to all clients and assist with new project implementation.

What inspired me to do what I do: I have always had interest in computing, understanding how things work and solving problems.

In addition, I enjoy leaving a smile on people’s faces by promptly attending to their IT issues.

My slogan for life : Aspire to acquire the desire that you admire.

At the weekend:  I love spending time with friends and family.

My favourite sports team: Arsenal F.C


I handle all financial matters in the company, including accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. I am efficient and love to be organised and feel most at home surrounded by post-it notes and spreadsheets!

What inspired me to do what I do: I am always on the lookout for ways to improve systems and make them better. I also love mixing and socialising with people, so the day to-day interaction with our clients is an added bonus!

At the weekend: I love relaxing around the house with the family doing odd jobs at my own pace

Best holiday destination: Disney World in Orlando Florida with my husband and two children it was just what I always imagined it would be like as a child growing up, it’s a place where dreams come true

My favourite sports team: NSW Sydney Swifts (Netball)


As a Support Engineer at Insight Integration, I provide day to day IT support, implementing new networks and maintaining current networks for all our clients.
I like to provide professional IT services and bring new ways to improve and manage IT.

What inspired me to do what I do? I always wanted to work in IT and am the go to person in my community for any computer issues. While studying I wanted to learn about the new technologies and how they work. I have enjoyed implementing a lot of technologies throughout my career and love bringing new ideas and ways to make the world of IT an exciting place.

My hobby is? Playing cricket. Always been a fan of cricket.

My slogan for life? Nothing is impossible, everything is possible…keep trying to reach your goals

At the weekend I love? Spending time with my family and friends, playing cricket and relaxing