Make Microsoft Teams Calling your new phone system.

How does Microsoft Teams Calling work?

Microsoft Teams has extended features that can bring your business closer together with the Microsoft Teams Calling function. With our help, your team can be anywhere at any time, never missing a chance to attend to your business needs, in real time. Whether you’re on the road, in the office, in the warehouse or at home, and whatever device you are using, we have the know-how to propel you into the new era by replacing your old phone system to Microsoft Teams Calling.

At Insight Integration, we have been providing Managed IT Solutions to small and medium businesses for more than 20 years. Our focus on introducing Microsoft Teams Calling as part of the Microsoft Teams platform means that we can trust in a leading-edge product that we know is going to set our clients up for success, while giving them a dynamic edge.

Using a platform you are already familiar with, Insight Integration can transition you easily with your very own account manager. We can bring your phone system into the technical era, giving you the ability to connect seamlessly wherever you are.

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Key Features

Microsoft Teams Calling is packed with features to supercharge your business communication: