PC on A Start Up Schedule

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Tech Tip: How to start your PC on a schedule


Do you hate waiting for you PC to startup in the morning?
It can be a real pain, particularly if your PC is a little on the old and slow side of things.

Rather than just leave your PC on 24×7 there is another way!
Get your PC to startup automatically beforehand so it’s ready and waiting for when you start work.

First up – talk to your IT provider! Chances are they have systems in place to just this.

If that’s not an option you can do it yourself.
Unfortunately we can’t do this in windows so we have to go through the PC BIOS.

Every brand of PC is a little different, but as a guide:
1. Open your computer BIOS settings menu (do this from the black screen that shows when first powering on your PC).
2. Look for the power settings menu
3. Set the day and time you want your PC to power on.