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NEWS: The End is Nigh


The End is Nigh!

No, this is not another Dooms Day event prediction or Mayan calendar error alert.

We’re talking about the ‘End of Financial Year’ or EOFY as its known to some.

It’s something businesses look forward to and can often use to their advantage.

How you might be wondering? 

This is the time of year that many businesses look to spend their remaining I.T. budgets and business owners are looking to decrease taxable income by investing in their I.T. infrastructure.

The tax incentives and deductions (not to mention the $20K small business deduction) can be more quickly realized at this time of year…but don’t take my word for it, speak to your accountant too!

In addition to the tax advantages, many vendors also provide end of financial year promotions and stock run outs.

What does this mean for you?

Start thinking about what you need to improve your business efficiency!

Now is a good time to review possible I.T. upgrades your business needs or think about whether you should:

·       Replace the aging server(s)

·       Upgrade old desktops

·       New light weight notebooks or tablet

·       Faster, better WiFi

·       Upgrade your I.T. security.. or at least get some!

Be aware of “deals” that seem too good to be true because it generally means they are.  Typically people get lured into emotion based purchases for devices they don’t really need or buying home grade rather than business grade hardware and licenses.

So be careful, otherwise you may find your cost saving purchases end up costing you quite a bit more in early July!

What if you don’t have the cash? 

Don’t despair because you can choose to lease it.

While leasing may cost you slightly more over time, you do get immediate access to the equipment you need to help drive efficiencies in your business…all at a known and budgeted monthly cost.

The other often over looked advantage of leasing is its built-in protection against obsolescence.  Particularly with I.T. equipment, small businesses understandably try to squeeze every last drop out of their capital expenditure and maintain older equipment well past it’s viable life cycle, which only causes them more headaches and costs them more in the long run.

With leasing, when a lease term expires, you simply roll over to a new lease agreement, order some new faster equipment and probably get a reduced monthly cost too!

Is it time you upgraded?

So if you’ve been thinking about that new purchase or upgrade, don’t leave it until the last minute, take advantage of the EOFY sales and benefits today.

Not sure what you need?  We can help!  Talk to us and we’ll steer you in the right direction and ensure you don’t waste money on things you don’t really need.

Give Todd a call on 9259 8500 today.