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NEWS: Are your phones in the cloud?


Shifting your I.T. to the Cloud – have you overlooked your phone system?

While some I.T. cloud services actually cost more than their traditional alternatives, a cloud hosted PABX service typically costs significantly less.

Hosted or Virtual PABX systems are really just VoiP (Voice of Internet Protocol) for small and medium business, delivering sophisticated telephony system without the big investment.  By default, the core system operates off premises in the cloud and is maintained by your provider.  All you need to do is connect your handsets to your network.  The net result of this is significant costs saving over the traditional onsite PABX system both upfront and on-going.  Secondly, the functionality offered by these systems is the same or better than many high end solutions normally only available to big business.

Advantages of hosted PABX

·       No expensive systems to buy, install or maintain

·       Reduced call costs

·       Reduced line costs – Leverage high speed Internet connections instead of traditional dedicated phone lines.

·       Staff can work from anywhere (office, home, hotel, car, push bike…) as if they were sitting at their office desk.

·       Highly professional image

·       Connect all your offices into one phone system

·       Scalable to your changing business requirements

·       Highly functional with standard systems including:

o   Inter-office call transfer

o   Voicemail (and voice to email)

o   On hold music

o   Conference calls

o   Automated attendants

o   Customized call flows

·       Quick and easy to setup


What’s a Softphone?  Your computer uses a simple software program and a headset to act as your office phone.  No need to buy any other equipment!  This suits some people more than others but since it’s an option from most cloud providers, you can actually give your staff the choice.

So…Who you gonna call?

Just about all traditional Telco and Internet service providers have a hosted solution.  Some are good, some not so good.

If you’re interested and finding out more about a hosted solution that suits your needs, give Insight Integration a call – we’ll help you navigate the confusing tech lingo to identify what you really need.