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NEWS: Are Your Passwords Good Enough? Part 2


Many of us now have to deal with passwords for a large number of different systems, be it work, CRM, email, Banking, eBay, Paypal, Facebook etc.  The trouble is how do we deal with them all?  It’s tempting to reuse the same password for many or all of them but this can be a serious mistake.  If any one of your accounts is compromised, then you stand to have all of the compromised.

So, how to deal with all these different passwords?  Well here are your options, and some are not as silly as they sound.

  1. Memorize them.  Yes, you can if you design a system using phrases or codes that works for you. Try some of these ideas:
    • MyEasyEmailPassword!
    • 2017MarEmail4MyName
    • 2017MarWestpacMyName
    • Gmail + 12345 = G1m2a3i4l5
    • MyBank + 654321 = M6y5B4a3n2k1
    • I Must Remember My Email Password = IMRMEP
    • Use alternate Keys on the Key Pad:  letmein = ;ry,rom  (Keys to the right)
  1. Write them down
    • Many security experts actually recommend physical recording of passwords…but not a Post It note on your screen.
    • Keep it locked away – not near your computer.  A safe is ideal.
    • Alternatively, use an encrypted file on a USB stick
    • Avoid un-encrypted files, particularly if you store it in the Cloud.
  1. Use a Password Manager.  This is an app that stores your passwords, only requiring you to remember a Master Password…so make it a very good one!
    • Some store the password on your computer
    • Others are cloud based.
    • Many fill out password info into the relevant apps fields for you.
    • Be aware some hack attempts have been successful against some password manager apps…particularly if the master password was weak.
    • Managers to consider include LastPass, RoboForm, Dashlane, True Key & StickyPassword

BTW. Password are like underwear.  You should change them regularly…or at least don’t admit that you don’t!