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January 2020 Is The Deadline For Windows 7

Alex Dance

On the 14th of January 2020, Windows 7 will stop being supported by Microsoft, which is exactly what happened to Windows XP and Vista before it.

What it means

Microsoft will no longer provide updates and other software vendors may stop support for their applications using Windows 7. Similarly, anti-virus and security products may stop working. If you continue to use Windows 7 after Jan 2020, you may start to experience productivity, compatibility and security issues.

Hardware review needed

As Windows 10 has been out for a number of years, if your machine came with Windows 7 then it is highly possible you may also need a PC hardware upgrade as well.  As we offer IT Services from Sydney we receive many calls from people with PC performance problems. While an individual software issue may be resolvable, often the most cost effective long term solution is to upgrade the machine to the newest hardware and software versions.

More than just a software upgrade

At Insight Integration we take the time to advise our clients on the most appropriate upgrade strategy for their business.  While simply upgrading to Windows 10 can improve performance and reliability, there are a number of considerations and implications we review for our clients to ensure a smooth transition such as:

  • Connection to networking services
  • Hardware requirements / specifications
  • Application compatibility
  • Hardware / device compatibility
  • Integration with your mobile network
  • Potential productivity advantages for the business

How Long was Windows 7 it around

Windows 7 was released in July 2009 and since then there have been a significant amount of upgrades over the years 11 years.  Prior to this Windows XP was supported for just over 12 years. For the nerds out there Microsoft are remaining consistent with their support cycles.

What about Microsoft Apps

Windows includes a range of apps for mail, photos, maps and many others. Overall there are more than 700,000 apps in the Windows Store. Some are great and others are not so great.

What if I wait

The risk to a business if their system goes down can be catastrophic.If nothing else, put this upgrade project into your next budget cycle.  Also, remember come December or January, you likely won’t be the only business leaving this upgrade to the last minute.  The Christmas break may sound like a good time to do a system upgrade but book it in sooner rather than later.  You don’t want to find out your current provider is too busy or even on holidays.

About Insight Integration

We are a leading managed IT service provider in Sydney that offers managed IT Services, IT support and IT Solutions for businesses. Our offerings include

  • Cloud Computing and cloud services
  • IT Security and network security
  • Managed Internet Service and VoIP Telecommunications
  • Software and Hardware management

We have been operating in the Sydney CBD for over 20 years with a dedicated team, including a service desk and 24/7 monitoring.