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I like to move it, move I.T.


I like to move it move I.T.

It’s all very exciting moving to a new office, but for those involved in the management and coordination it can be equally daunting too!

Just like moving house, an office move can cause stress…but it doesn’t have to, if you plan I.T.  The key to successful office relocation is all in the detail!

Rule 1:  I.T. is an opportunity…But don’t bite off too much! 

An office move is an opportunity to fix or upgrade those pesky problems you’ve always been meaning to get to.

·       A new Phone VoIP System

·       Faster internet

·       Better WiFi

·       New multi-purpose copier/printers

·       An office pool table?

It’s up to you.  Just remember an office move is already a big deal.  Changing too many things at the same time can cause a lot more stress and problems.

Rule 2:  Never assume!   Plan I.T.!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Here’s some things to consider when drafting your plan:

·       Plan where everything should go, but just because the previous tenant had it a certain way doesn’t make it right!

·       Are there any building works to be done? Ensure they’re finished in time for you to get services installed (eg cabling)

·       Can you get the right Internet services?

·       Do you have time to order your Internet and/or phone lines (allow at least 6-8 weeks)

·       Does the network cabling actually work?

·       Is there enough power and data points – and in the right places?

·       Does your server/network gear have special power requirements?

·       Does your equipment, desks, cabinets fit and work ergonomically?

·       Is the building lift big enough or even available when you want it?

·       Do I have a backup plan if the move doesn’t go to plan or schedule?

·       Where is your core server/I.T. gear going to be positioned (please…not in the kitchen!)

·       Printers and copiers – do you have enough, where will they go?

·       Do you have specific AV Board Room requirements?

·       Keep on top of any building works scheduling

·       Have space in your timing if dates change or something goes wrong.  Unexpected issues can often arise!

·       Check everything…..twice!

Rule 3:  Get professional help

Use a removalist company to do the heavy lifting.  This ensures you avoid liability or injury to you and your staff.

When packing, ensure I.T. equipment is packed together and pieces of equipment labelled – it’s probably best not to get staff to pack their I.T. equipment in their own boxes.  Things will get lost and your I.T. guys will likely not have access to what they need to get everything working on Monday morning.

Label everything for the removalists and your staff including:

·       New desk locations

·       Boxes

·       I.T. equipment

·       Personal items

·       Rubbish

Make sure your staff are engaged with the process.  It’s the simple things that count here.  Otherwise you’ll get to your new fantastic office and you’ll hear little grumblings (no coat hangers, kitchen items, or floor mats).  Staff drive your business and often have great ideas, so get their input early with an office move too.

Rule 4:  Don’t forget the basics

Updating address, phone numbers, email addresses etc.. some of these touchpoints could include:

·       New stationery (business cards, email signatures)

·       Signage

·       Web/social media marketing

·       Client, supplier and partner communications – be ready with an announcement to your customers & clients!

Rule 5:  Talk to your I.T. people 

While a move is not an I.T. project alone, I.T. does play a big part.  An experienced I.T. company that deals with these types of projects regularly will likely have a lot of tips and input which will make it a far easier and less stressful experience.

Happy moving I.T.!

ps – here’s some photos of a recent office move we recently project managed, which involved the move of 150 staff to a new office location!