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Files in the Cloud – When Dropbox isn’t enough


When small business owners think about keeping their files in the cloud, they often turn to services such as Dropbox, Box or iCloud.  These services are great for synchronizing data files between multiple devices such as your office & home computers, tablets and phones.  They’re also a great way for individuals to quickly share files and folders with clients.

Unfortunately, when the business grows and staff numbers increase, these consumer grade file sync and share solutions start to drop the ball.  Once small businesses reach about 5 staff, they may need to start looking for a more business oriented solution.

Here at Insight Integration, we manage a variety of traditional servers and cloud virtual servers for our clients as well as our own systems…BUT…we also use a file sync solution called SoonR.

SoonR, now owned by AutoTask, delivers the file Sync and sharing services we’re all used to with DropBox.  What it also brings to SMB is a number of the more traditional IT management and control mechanisms that larger businesses need.  These include:

  • Increased Security
    • Data encryption
    • User access control
    • Policy management (Password, session, IP addresses, links, remote access)
    • Device Security – You managed what devices as well as what users can connect too.
    • Remotely wipe data from old, stolen or ex-employees devices.
  • Data sharing & management controls
    • Who can share data to the public
    • What data is shared
    • How long is it available for
  • Server Agents – Sync your current server to the cloud for remote staff.
  • Auditing & Reporting

So, if you think you’d like to improve your current data sharing solution or are just ready to put a toe in the water, give Insight Integration a call.