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Email Archiving – do it in the cloud


In business, today more than ever, your orders, quotes, correspondence with clients and suppliers are all sent and stored via email – or more accurately stored in the individual email mailboxes of each of your staff.

With email being so important these days, being able to easily access, search and retrieve both inbound and outbound email is critical.

In addition, as the dependence on email has grown so has the accompanying legal scrutiny. Poor data retention practices can expose businesses of all sizes to a host of potential problems.


So what is cloud based email archiving?

To put it simply – a copy of every email sent and received by your business is sent  via a secure channel and stored in a cloud based system.

It’s a separate system from your normal email & doesn’t impact your normal day-to-day use.


What are the benefits?

It’s automated – you set it up once & that’s it. No manual intervention is required.

It’s searchable – rapid search and retrieval for individuals in their personal archive or across the whole company by authorized users.

Ease of use – multiple ways of access. Eg web browser phone or tablet apps.

Legal hold – all email is stored and cannot be modified or deleted. The retention period can vary but the better services store for up to 10 years. Lawyers & compliance people love this!

Unlimited storage – regardless of how much email you add, storage continues to scale.

Compliance for document retention – some industries have compliance requirements for the retention of documents & communications.

No onsite hardware or software is required – these services typically integrate with all the common email systems (including cloud email solutions like Microsoft Office 365) with no requirement for additional hardware or software


What’s the next step?

As always, not all cloud services are equal. Which service best suits you will depend on your individual requirements.

Give us a call on (02) 9259 8500 or drop us on email at [email protected] and we can point you in the right direction.