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An IT Breach can be catastrophic

Alex Dance

There are unscrupulous businesses that scour the internet looking for businesses that have weaknesses in their IT security. All businesses are susceptible to data loss that could cost them profoundly, causing loss of reputation and also putting customer’s data and businesses at risk.

There are also many situations when employees can either unwittingly or intentionally leave businesses prone to catastrophic problems. There have been many instances where employees have intentionally taken key business information for their next venture or their next job.

We are business IT support experts, based in Sydney who know how to protect businesses from attacks.

It is easier and cheaper

The IT world has changed over the years and what was expensive and difficult to put in place years ago is now easier, better and cheaper to put in place through our cloud services Sydney team.

Our solid disaster recovery plan delivers IT efficiencies and is an integral part of any maturing business.

A few basics to our professional approach

We mitigate risks and ensure client data is safe by following the below steps

Recovery strategy

Even if a business has not been affected by a disaster we go through current processes and review the strength of them.

Asset inventory

We complete a detailed inventory of all the workstations, servers, locations, gadgets, connections. Also all other modern technologies that are being used by employees.

Set up a system for data continuity

We identify and document systems and procedures that are in use to ensure that operational, financial and communication needs are planned. Therefore if things go wrong we prioritise what to get ready first.

Run continual back-ups and test them

We run an additional full back up on all data that supports business operations so it is available on the cloud.

Test all external inputs into the system

There are multiple ways of getting into a business’s systems. Some are obvious and some are less obvious. We test them for you.


Insight Integration offers IT services and IT solutions from Sydney to ensure small and large businesses have systems that are secure. If something does go wrong we want the business back up and ready before business owners have had their breakfast. It is our managed IT services approach, working with managed service providers that allow us to deliver peace of mind.